Reine DuBois Dip ND, Dip HOM

Integrative Naturopath and Clinical director

Reine DuBois has been working as a naturopath and homeopath for over 15 years and her skills may be all you need. She is passionate about helping all of her patients to gain and maintain the best possible state of health, wellbeing and quality of life. As a result, she is also a pioneer in the field of integrated medicine.

At Byron Integrative Medicine and in the new residential Health Lodge facility she brings together like-minded practitioners from both conventional and complementary fields.

Much more than a team of specialists working side by side, they meet regularly to share their own expertise, gain a thorough understanding of your condition by listening to others and together decide how best they can help. Their goal is to understand and manage the underlying cause of your illness rather than simply treating your symptoms. This approach is true integration in practice.

“Reine has taken on a great deal with my family. Through it all, she has managed to be the key to everyone’s success thanks to her wealth of knowledge in naturopathy and integration with conventional medicine.” Haliel Selig

The Health Lodge