Alize Timmerman

Alize Timmerman started her career in biochemical research working in hospitals in The Netherlands and Norway and at the University of Amsterdam. In the 1970’s she studied Naturopathic Medicine and Homoeopathy and started practicing in 1982, lecturing in 1986, and established the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands in 1988. Alize now lectures all over the world, combining her unique insights in Homoeopathy and Psychology with a very special talent in didactics and presentation. She works closely with other teachers, including Jeremy Sherr, Jan Scholten, Corrie Hiwat and Alfred Geukens.

Alize’s current interest lies in the family dynamic. Child development is closely related to the social environment of the child as provided by the parents, siblings and relevant other persons in the family history. In the homeopathic treatment of mothers, children, or adults whose ailments are rooted in childhood, an understanding of both the developmental processes in children and the reaction of the parents to the gradual separation of him/herself is essential to finding the right similimum. The exploration of hidden and unconscious factors that may influence health is of great significance. These hidden factors might well relate to circumstances n the lives of other family members, and may even include family members who have passed away. Therefore one must consider not only apparent symptoms, but also the child’s relationships with members of the family circle in the search for the right similimum. Moreover, the child will often attempt to take on the burden or carry the “sensation” and so expresses his/her loyalty to the family. Recognising this sensation may provide the key to solve the problem, both of the child and of the family as a whole. Keen observation and psychological knowledge will lead to the underlying source of imbalance. The answer is found in the remedy, which allows the real problem to surface to the conscious level, followed by healing on emotional and mental levels, of body and soul.

Among remedies discussed will be: DNA, Folliculinum, Placenta, Umbilical Cord, Amniotic Fluid, Human Mother milk, Vernix and Oxytocin.

Lac remedies cover many child cases. Some beautiful children cases will be shared. Among the Lac remedies we will discuss Lac Lupinum, Lac humanum, Lac felinum, Lac dophinum, Lac puma, Lac lupi, Lac elephanti, also Natrum (Sodium) Lacticum and Magnesium Lacticum.

Alize Timmerman offers this multi-dimensional course as a way of understanding remedies. It will be a journey: re-connecting us with a deeper wisdom and will offer us a tool for personal development.

This Advanced Homeopathy Seminar is open to medical professionals and complementary healthcare practitioners and therapists, qualified homeopaths, keen student homeopaths, and is also open to those with a strong interest in homeopathy and family therapy.

14 CPD credit points.

Sensational Homeopathy Seminar November 2013 





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