Dr Divya Chhabra

Dr Divya Chhabra is an ardent homoeopath and extremely popular teacher the world over. Students are drawn to her lectures for her in depth case taking, her use of the circle theory and free association technique, her provings, work on potencies, and more recently the technique of arriving at the confluence point of the case.

Her clarity, confidence and ease make her teaching very absorbing. This seminar is about recognising the state within, with a crystal clear method where both patient and homoeopath swirl in a perfectly tuned, energised yet effortless dance to the Simillimum.

Dr. Chhabra has been teaching in India and abroad for the last seven years and has lectured in various parts of the world such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Greece, the Slovak Republic, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada. She has conducted provings of several remedies including Magnesia sulphurica, Thea, Citrus, Lac Felinum, Lac Rhesus, Tungsten, Lac Defloratum, Lac Humanum, Eagle, and Bat. She has also conducted a potency proving with two well-proven polycrest remedies, Calcarea carbonicum and Natrum muriaticum, in potencies from 30 to 50 M. Her work has helped further our understanding of more accurately selecting potencies.

 Dr Chhabra is well known for her brilliant style of case taking in which she follows the thread of every important symptom beautifully to reach the core feeling state of the individual. She has been artfully employing a technique called “free association” in her case taking method that enables one to reach through the subconscious level of dreams to the deep seated core delusion which manifests as the symptoms of imbalance and illness.

Jan Scholten walked us through the mineral kingdom and Frans Vermuelen imparted his knowledge about the plant kingdom. Now Dr Chhabra will be delivering the third of the Sensational Kingdom Series focusing on the animal kingdom helping us to differentiate between the sub-kingdoms of this fascinating remedy group.


21 CPD credit points

 Sensational Homeopathy Seminar October 2013






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