Integrated Medicine

Modern medical research is continually providing greater insight into the body’s biochemistry and nutritional pathways. As a result, we have a better understanding of how herbal and nutritional medicine can treat the cause of disease as well as the symptoms.

As Reine’s goal is to provide the most effective treatment with minimal side-effects and toxicity she uses herbal and nutritional medicine wherever possible.


However, she is very aware of the vital role that mainstream medicine can play in treating and managing chronic and life-threatening illnesses. It also provides a range of tools and techniques which can help diagnose and understand disease states.

Integration at its most effective

Many people are intuitively drawn to the idea of combining both conventional and complementary therapies. However, it is only when all of the specialists are working together that you can enjoy the benefits of true integration.

Each member of Reine’s team has a profound respect for every other practitioner, medical or complementary. And every decision is made in consultation in order to establish most effective, least toxic and least invasive course of treatment for your condition.

The team continuously monitors the efficacy of your treatment. And you can feel confident that your herbal and nutritional medicines will not interact in a negative way with any prescription medication you may be taking. While this isn’t common, it is most likely to occur when a patient feels unable to discuss his or her complementary therapies with an unsympathetic doctor. Where both conventional and complementary practitioners are working together, every aspect of your treatment is considered in relation to the whole.