Reine has a passion for finding the underlying causes of ill-health. She takes the time to get to know you and to understand your health concerns before tailoring the most effective natural treatment.

She has a deep respect for the ancient wisdom that is part of naturopathic practice and also embraces the modern science that supports this traditional knowledge. She considers naturopathy to be truly holistic medicine.


What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy focuses on natural remedies which support the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself.

Naturopathic practitioners are primary care physicians with knowledge of both conventional and natural medicine. They favour a holistic approach with minimal use of surgery and drugs.

Getting to the heart of your health problem

In assessing your needs, Reine may recommend one or more of the following diagnostic tests.

A Saliva Hormone Test provides information about hormonal breakdown and specific interactions.

A Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis gives an overview of the entire digestion system.

A Neuroendocrine Urine Test can help asess the biochemistry of the brain.

A Finger Prick Allergy Test identifies any food combinations that maybe contributing to an illness.