“My family and I are forever grateful to Reine DuBois and her amazing insight to the human body, mind, and spirit. She has taken on a great deal with my family from working on health issues with my two young sons as well as guiding a loved one through a detox from prescription medication. Through it all, she has managed to be the key to everyone’s success via her wealth of knowledge in Naturopathy and integrating conventional medicine. I truly believe that Reine puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Her gentle nature and compassion for others is evident with each and every person she encounters. She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to ‘health care’ and it is my hope that more people turn to integrative medicine.” Haliel Selig

“During my long history of chronic health issues, I have experienced the advantages and limitations of both conventional and alternative medicine. Each of these systems can offer valuable insights and methods of testing and treatments, but only when the two systems work together, is there a real chance of an optimal understanding of illnesses and the possibility of a holistic approach to treatments. I really hope that integrative medicine is the health system of the future.”

“I very much appreciate Reine DuBois’ sensible approach to illness, her wealth of knowledge in the fields of Naturopathy and Homoeopathy and her understanding ways in the treatment of complex health issues.” – Elisabeth

I had taken my son to many naturopaths over the years. But Reine was the one who was able to offer solutions that finally worked. We are forever grateful for this. - Jannine Barron

My GP introduced me to Reine DuBois over three years ago suggesting I combine her expertise in addiction and Naturopathy alongside the measures I was already taking to help me get on top of my addiction and depression issues which had continued to plague me for over 16 years. Since working closely with Reine, my GP, Psychologist and Psychiatrist, in a combined way, I can honestly say I have experienced profound change and growth on physical and emotional level, which is nothing short of a miracle. For this I am eternally grateful for the care, expertise and sincere belief in me as a patient (and human being) that I could achieve the goal of living not only a drug free life, but also a rewarding one. Without this ‘integrative’ approach to my recovery from addiction, I doubt I would be currently be living the wholesome and fulfilling life I’ve always felt I deserved, but felt was never mine for the taking due to the constant and debilitating nature of addiction. On reflection, I think this therapy has worked for a number of reasons. Firstly, I believe within myself I had a true desire to ‘get better’, this desire teamed with my physical body being supported by way of Naturopathic medicines recommended by Reine, and then the ‘emotional’ or ‘psychological’ issues being addressed by my Psychologist, I was able to focus on the complex nature of addiction as a whole, not just one small part of. Secondly, I feel that I have had the privilege to work alongside experts in their field. Not only is Reine and her team of health professionals experts in their respective fields, I found I was treated with a level of respect and autonomy that helped me respect myself more, and make better choices in regards to lifestyle and my recovery from addiction. – Nicole

I have recently given up smoking after 40 years. With the help of Reine I have chosen alternate medicine to treat my depression instead of Prozac which I have been using for 13 years. So far the alternate treatment has proved to be a far better way to treat my condition. With the assistance of a Psychotherapist, GP, Masseuse and Reine DuBois I have been helped to make these gigantic steps towards a healthier and holistic lifestyle. I would like to thank Reine for offering me this wonderful opportunity. – Ranald Webster

I have found that having joint consultations with my Doctor and Reine DuBois is quite a unique form of treatment. I didn’t think I would ever see the day when scientific and alternate medicine would be working side by side and having joint consultations. This has proved to be of great benefit to me and other members of my family who have also had wonderful treatment from Reine. Reine seems to have a wonderful wealth of knowledge and has helped me in many different ways with natural herbs /medicine. – Janelle Webster

Reine DuBois offers my whole family intuitive, holistic and professional health care. She is the first health care professional my partner and I have found that we can trust to listen to us about our health and what is working for us. She prescribes medicines and treatment that really work for us and work fast. The fact that Reine and other practitioners at North Coast Medical Centre will do dual consultation provides another level of care allowing my family to get the best health care available combining natural medicines with, when required, pharmaceutical medicines. I believe Reine really cares about the health and well being of my family and her other patients, that’s why I recommend her to other parents in the community. – Belinda Arnold